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Civil defendants can often avoid litigation by settling the claims against them out of court. But when they refuse, the civil plaintiff has no other means to protect their rights or property, or obtain damages for pain and suffering, other than take their case to court. Many times, the plaintiff lacks the financial means to afford an attorney and must therefore proceed pro se (self-represented). Others may hire an inexpensive private attorney that finds himself outgunned by a team of attorneys backed by a billion dollar law firm. In either case, the financially disadvantaged plaintiff has little chance of winning. But it's not because the other side built a stronger case. 

You may be among the lucky few pro se litigants who end up before a fair and impartial judge. But chances are, the judge decided the case the moment you showed up without an attorney or when attorneys from a prominent law firm appeared against you. And, no matter how horribly you've been wronged or the amount of evidence to support your case, there's nothing to stop a biased judge from simply kicking your case to the curb.

Even worse, the judge can help the big-law attorneys increase their fees by dragging out the case through years of discovery and motions only to prejudice the jury or dismiss the case on a ground that could have been used to dismiss it within the first few months. Legal abuse and judicial misconduct is rampant and unchecked throughout a system that conceals the bias, due process violations, and incompetence of judges - and the litigation misconduct and conflict-of-interest of the elite attorneys they support. 

Click Here to find out how judges and Big-Law attorneys are able to inflict blatant legal abuse on unsuspecting pro se or financially disadvantaged litigants without any fear of liability or public scrutiny.

Click Here to read about the 8 years of cases between Storix Inc. and its founder, Anthony Johnson. Over a dozen state and federal trial and appellate court judges blatantly violated Johnson's civil rights, sabotaged his cases, and forced him to pay unprecedented costs and fees of the Big Law attorneys who pillaged his company to stop him from exposing their litigation misconduct and conflict-of-interest.

Click Here if Johnson just seems like just another disgruntled losing party who refuses to accept defeat. Here you'll find not only the courts orders and opinions, but all the case documents proving that Johnson was repeatedly denied due process and never had a fair hearing, none of the judges actually addressed the real issues Johnson raised and re-raised for years, and only by ignoring every relevant fact and argument could any of their decisions appear to have any common sense.


All the judges underestimated the extraordinary legal knowledge and skill of a pro se litigant who was determined to obtain justice at any cost. In doing so, they took took extraordinary measures to deny Johnson due process, re-write laws, suppress relevant facts and evidence, and then punish him with unprecedented attorney fees for losing. In the end they took his company, his life's work, his home and savings, but not before Johnson amassed more evidence of the pervasive judicial abuse, judicial bias and cronyism throughout the judicial system than any single litigant in U.S. history.

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