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Judge Randa Trapp

Storix v. Johnson & Janstor | Breach of Fiduciary Duty


This was a malicious lawsuit the 52% shareholders filed against Johnson in Storix's name, accusing him of breaching a fiduciary duty as a Storix director by "intending" to compete with the company. The lawsuit was never approved by the board (that included Johnson and another 8% shareholder), Johnson was given no notice of the lawsuit or the claim before it was filed, and it falsely alleged that Johnson lived in California so they could sue him in state court at the same time they were suing him for ownership of his copyrights in federal court.


Judge Randa M. Trapp refused to acknowledge that Johnson lived in Florida or dismiss the complaint on other valid grounds, so Procopio was able to continue the lawsuit for 2 1/2 years while using its mere existence to prevent Johnson from having any access to his own company or any of its financial records. Such records eventually proved that Procopio and Wilson/Elser were illegally being paid by Storix to defend management against the company's own derivative claims (see below), and that management took millions from the company for their personal use (and without paying any personal income taxes on the income).


They continued the lawsuit all the way to a jury trial where they added a new claim of $3,739.14 in closing arguments that had nothing to do with Johnson competing. Procopio added the claim during closing arguments because they knew Johnson was about to defeat the competition claim, thereby preventing him from disputing their new "loss of employee productivity" claim and escaping liability for malicious prosecution (see below) by preventing him from succeeding on the "entire lawsuit". Neither Judge Kevin Enright (the trial judge) nor the California Court of Appeals would acknowledge any facts that would require reversal of the trivial $3700 judgment or allow Johnson a new trial to finally dispute it.

YELLOW = most relevant pleadings and appeal briefs in which Johnson brought to each court's attention clear legal errors and intentional omission of facts, issues and arguments in the orders, judgements and opinions.

GREEN = most relevant orders and opinions of the courts showing the judges' continued refusal to address any of Johnson's facts, issues or arguments.

  * Some of the documents contain comments added by Johnson as he prepared his responses and appeals,
     and some may contain insu
lts or foul language, but were retained since they provide context as to the absurdity of
     the opposing arguments and the court's decisions.





Judge Joel Wohlfeil

Johnson's Cross-Complaint


After Management cut off all shareholder distributions to ensure Johnson had no income to support Storix's derivative claims against them, Johnson filed a cross-complaint to the Janstor Suit against Management for filing it without board approval and for refusing him a position in the company he was entitled to as a 40% owner of the company. This lawsuit was later consolidated with the Shareholder Derivative Suit and assigned to Judge Kevin Enright for trial (see below), but not before Judge Joel Wohlfeil dismissed the claim of Management filing the Janstor Suit without board approval - but without determining whether the lawsuit was ever approved by Storix.


Judge Randa A. Trapp

Storix's Workplace Violence restraining Order &
Johnson's Writ of Mandate to Inspect Storix's Records

Management's first effort to prevent Johnson from obtaining any company financial records as a director was to falsely accuse him of stalking and threatening the lives of Storix's employees. Johnson traveled from Florida to fight the restraining order and, after he proved they were lying, the criminal court judge dismissed it with prejudice in its entirety -- noting that any threats by Johnson were simply legal threats. It did no good since Procopio meanwhile obtained yet another absurd ruling from Judge Randa M. Trapp that Johnson could not have access to Storix or its records because of the temporary restraining order and because Storix was suing him for competing in the Janstor Suit - both based on false claims that had not been litigated and were later disproven.

Restraining Order & Writ
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