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Storix v. Johnson | Cases & Documents

The following are the documents are separated by case, but note that dates (2014-2021) of some cases overlap. The last case is the civil rights case Johnson finally filed against the judges, attorneys and Storix's management for conspiring to deprive him his constitutional rights for over 6 years.

Note the several purposes for providing these documents:

  1. To prove the systematic legal abuse of judges at every level of the California state and federal judiciaries and the lengths they will go to conceal the clear bias and incompetence of the lower courts occupied by judges with absolute immunity and life terms in which there is no means to remove them.

  2. To demonstrate that Johnson was never unreasonable, his claims were never frivolous, and his facts and arguments were clear and undisputed but simply never acknowledged by the trial or appellate courts.

  3. To demonstrate that not one judge in 8 years acknowledged any of the litigation misconduct or conflict-of-interest of the attorneys from Procopio (purportedly representing Storix) or Wilson/Elser (representing Storix's management - the 52% shareholders), or that they were all being illegally paid Johnson's own money to litigate against him solely to protect their absolute control of the company and conceal its financial records.

  4. To prove that every decision against Johnson that collectively cost him and Storix over $7 million was based on nothing more than a $3,739.14 claim against him for sending an email in 2015 - which "Storix" raised as a new claim in closing arguments after a 10-day trial that Johnson had no opportunity to dispute.\

Click for description & documents for each of the following cases:

  • 2019 Consolidated State Appeal of:

    • Janstor Suit Judgment & Costs

    • Cross-Complaint Judgment, Costs & Fees

    • Derivative Suit Judgment, Costs & Fees

    • Malicious Prosecution Costs & Fees (after voluntary dismissal)

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